Hello, my name is Lindsay Duff and I am a local San Diego artist and designer.
    Throughout the years I have discovered a passion for bringing positive change to the lives of others through my artwork as well as my interior/spatial design practice.
    The spaces I design are energizing, uplifting, and inspirational; and all of my art carries a specific pattern of energy, light, joy and beauty, acting as a beacon to draw to you what you want for yourself, your life, your home or business environment.

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On my way too #Pilates, one of my #crow #friends❤️#thanks


If you get a one-hour reading with me and then refer three people to me who get one-hour readings, then you will get a free one-hour reading!

Got to tarot.lindsayduff.com to take advantage of this deal! Readings are available over Skype, over the phone, and—if you’re in the Southern California area—I can do readings in-person.

Love & Light,
Lindsay Duff

PS: visit http://videos.lindsayduff.com for this week’s reading.

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Are you in the San Diego area? Come to this FREE event!
Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/764872350225227/

#TenofPentacles A #completion card #greatwork U R a #manifestor look around you❤️#appreciate what U have (at San Diego, Ca)

#lovers a card of #romantic #love #currentlove or #newlove enjoy all the #attention from the #one ❤️ (at San Diego, Ca)

#KnightofCups look for #messages of all kinds of #love #whoohoo #old & ❤️#new (at San Diego, Ca)

Just a recap of the amazingly gorgeous (and delicious!) meals I had in Palm Springs at Korakia Pensione and Birba.

Here’s a fun October accessory that will look chic all year round!
Black leather purse with metallic accents and a handpainted crow.
One-of-a-Kind! Get it here: Lindsay Duff Art

Full #moon in Aries❤️beautiful tonight love me some #moon❤️❤️❤️ (at Oak Riparian Park)

#OMG this is so #interesting this is a grade school child’s opinion on a test!❤️

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She is watching me😎#cinderella ❤️

#beautiful #little #cat #burglar❤️looks like #Cinderella to me❤️ (at Oak Riparian Park)

This week’s reading! 10-5-15 to 10-11-14

Please visit tarot.lindsayduff.com for more details and to find out how to get a free 1-hour reading!