Hello, my name is Lindsay Duff and I am a local San Diego artist and designer.
    Throughout the years I have discovered a passion for bringing positive change to the lives of others through my artwork as well as my interior/spatial design practice.
    The spaces I design are energizing, uplifting, and inspirational; and all of my art carries a specific pattern of energy, light, joy and beauty, acting as a beacon to draw to you what you want for yourself, your life, your home or business environment.

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Wonderful reading for the week of Aug. 31st to Sept. 6! Please watch, share, comment, and subscribe. 


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From 11am to 4pm, I will be giving readings in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego, CA at the Controversial Bookstore.

Many of my previous events at this location have been focused on Tarot readings, but this time I will be offering medical intuitive readings and remote-viewing consultations on energetic design for your home and business.

Readings are $70 and each one lasts approximately an hour.

If you can not make it to this event, you can still contact me to set up a reading in-person, over skype, or on the phone. (Please see my consulting page for details.)

For more information about remote-viewing, please see my informational page: "What is Remote-Viewing?"

Here is the Facebook event link if you want to RSVP on Facebook.


All my decks so far.

My first deck was the Tarot to go! one, and it has a Hanson Roberts deck inside. Dreaming Way was my next, and it is my favorite and trusted companion. Then I bought Harmonious, Shadowscapes, and Revelations (in that order). The Goddess Tarot was a gift from my cousin, who I discovered by chance a few months ago is also a pagan and a witch. I don’t use it for readings since the deck doesn’t call to me much, but I like keeping it around me because it has a very warm and positive energy. I’ve personally yet to try out the Harmonious and Revelations Tarot, but I go back to school on Sunday. I’ll be in a better environment in my dorm to cleanse the decks and interview them, and I’ll have plenty of people to be guinea pigs for readings ;)

If anyone wants to see what a particular card in one of these decks looks like, feel free to message me and I’ll post a picture for you! Shadowscapes, Revelations, and the Hanson Roberts come with their own book too (not a LWB), so if you want to know the artist’s interpretation of a card and what the book says, I don’t mind typing that out for you!

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Beautiful cards from the Doreen Virtue Angel tarot deck

…this isn’t the doreen virtue angel tarot deck, this is the Shadowscapes tarot deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.

….I kind of want to start a troll blog that does nothing but post WILDLY incorrect attributions to tarot pictures. Like…[IMAGES OF THE WILD UNKNOWN] “Here are some cards from the Gummy Bear Tarot.”

Wait… is the Gummi Bear tarot an actual thing?!

Yes. Yes it is. 


Hi everyone! Thanks for the correction.
This is Maeve posting right now. I help Lindsay out with tech stuff and social media. I am the one who put the wrong deck name on the caption. My mistake, I’m sorry! I changed it on the original post last week, but versions of the post with the old caption are still going around in the reblogs.
Lindsay definitely knows her own cards, but I am less familiar with decks other than Rider-Waite, which is why I mixed up the Shadowscapes Deck with the Angel Deck. Again, my bad, sorry for the mistake!
Much love,
PS: That gummy bear deck is adorable!

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Photos from my readings on August 28th at the Controversial Book Store in North Park, San Diego, California.

I will be doing readings here again on Thursday, September 4th. I would love to see you there!

Please RSVP on this Facebook event! :-)

Love & Light,

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Lindsay’s #tarotreading The #Sun Shine on, #life is #good, look around notice the subtle changes! #Enjoy your self :-)❤️#appreciate

Lindsay’s #tarotreading The #Sun Shine on, #life is #good, look around notice the subtle changes! #Enjoy your self :-)❤️#appreciate